The Lake - Banana Yoshimoto I liked it! Even though not a lot happened, not a wide range of emotions, no action scenes, no cliff-hangers. It was just kinda like taking a walk by the water with a friend and letting the silence speak. People make tea and drink it. Someone cries sometimes but from a wound that is old and half-forgotten, perhaps someone falls in love but not in any grand swooning way. There is a history of mothers and loss but don't we all know that story? A girl paints a mural of ghost monkeys and a boy sleeps with a toaster rack under his arm. A brother and a sister speaks with one voice. The lake is sometimes foggy and sometimes so bright it hurts the eyes. We are in Tokyo but there are hardly any people here, just a few kids looking at a mural.

Being lonely with someone else is not necessarily a bad thing. Reading The Lake was not what I expected but really nice anyway!