I Am Legend - Richard Matheson Finished this one in just one gray thursday and it was quite different then I had first expected. Had it not been picked as August read for the fantasy sci-fi group here at GR and I had read a few really great reviews I would just have skipped it cause I saw the film and I usually don't like reading the book after. But this one was hardly even related to that film.

Robert Neville finds himself the sole survivor after a vampire plague. He struggles with trying to come to terms with the loss of his family, keeping his home vampire proof, trying to kill as many of the undead as he can during daytime to kill them. Only after a while does he start to think of just why he is immune and if there is a cure. And yes there is a dog here too but not for so very long or so very heartwarming.

I remember watching the Will Smith film and thinking that the phrase 'I am legend' was a bit boastful.
In this book the title makes a lot more sense and it ain't nothing to boast about...

I would have added a 5:th star if the story was fleshed out a little more.