Let's Take the Long Way Home: A Memoir of Friendship - Gail Caldwell Another memoir of grief, this time the sorrow of losing a best friend, but also about the great joy in finding her in the first place. Gail meets Caroline, 8 years younger then her, but also a writer and also a recovering addict and just as crazy as she is about dogs. They almost grow into one, they each get involved with every aspect of each others lives and share swimming, rowing, walking and training dogs.
I've read a lot of books on grief lately, perhaps because my parents are getting up there in age and are not so healthy, it's like my brain needs to prepare even now for the worst. How to let time and your own body heal the wounds of a loss.

Most poignant moment for me in the book was when Gail found a note she wrote for the script to this book and it spelled out loud and clear 'LET HER DIE' as in dare to go to that place, dare to shift from living wonderful Caroline to the hole Caroline left and not just in the book but in life too. Let her die. Let her be a loss, the imaginary friend, the guardian angel.

Of course it also deals with the loss of a beloved pet, that can be just as hard to get over. Coming home to an empty house, going on walks alone seems almost not worth the time. How could any new puppy take the place of a companion you had for 13 years?