1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die - Peter Boxall Not read every word of the whole book but this is more the kind of book you keep on your coffee table to savor now and then. On the downside, they added not just one but 2 Coelho books *gasp* that is 2 too many if you ask me. And none of them is the 'best' one: The Alchemist. Oh well...
Of course the point of this book is to make you want to do your own 1001 list. It begs to be challenged.

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I read some of the reviews here and people just need to chill out, they are taking the title too damn serious. I have had a great time with this one, looking at pictures, trying to recall if I read the books or not and check Goodreads for books to add (or remove) from the TBR pile.