The Penelopiad - Margaret Atwood Penelope aka 'The duck' wife of Odysseus tells her story. She is spending her life either locked in her fathers palace in Sparta, puking on a ship or finally locked up in a rather plainer palace on a stony island with goats and gluttonous pubertal suitors. She likes to whine a lot about her cousin, Helena and even in Hades she feels she is not pretty enough. A bit of a stuck up bore she is.

I did enjoy the chorus parts with the 12 maids and the retelling of the more common myths with a new twist to them. I didn't buy the whole moon-goddess cult thing though.

Short little book, just entertaining enough for a cold and windy november evening but it makes me hesitate to pick up any of Atwoods other books, even those I had on my TBR list forever.