Tarot of Transformation: Chart Your Own Course to Healing and Spiritual Awakening - Jasmin Lee Cori Just got this today, stunning cards, the book even smells good. The cardstock is very thin and flimsy though. Going to use this as weekly deck soon and will read the book then. For now the rating is only first impression of the set.

Update after a week. So I didn't actually read it cover to cover but what cards I did read about really struck a cord with me. I found it inspiring, giving a new twist to old meanings. This is far from being a Rider-Waite clone.
I also did not find it as hostile to the intellect and the mental sphere as some others claimed in reviews. If anything I found it thought-provoking, the book did not place too much emphasis on emotions but more on how to work through our mental patterns to find the source of negativity. It's all a process.

This set is hard to find now. So if you see it - grab it! Just treat the cards with care or they will bend or crease.