Historic Heston

Historic Heston - Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal is a renowned and slightly quirky chef from England, known from various TV shows. This book, I listened to the (abridged) via BBC radio, and if you've seen Heston's TV series you will recognize some of the recipes. He reads himself 5 of the chapters from the book and it is really good, you get a little excited to try yourself. Well, maybe not all the recipes, some seem a little bit disgusting. As these 'meat fruits' What looks like an orange is actually a meat patty:-S

The book itself is very exclusive and nothing I can afford (£ 77 on Amazon), but if you see that Heston will be on TV then check it out, you will not be sorry, he is funny and engaging! Or borrow the book from the library.

I myself am a little tempted to make a 'Tipsy Cake' I give the BBC program ****