Acorn - Yoko Ono
I got this from Netgalley as a rec.ex (as an adobe file)
Still remember how taken I was by her Grapefruit and I have actually followed the website that had these pieces of Acorn posted but are glad to see them come out as a book now.
I also see that the website is gone now.
Hope that the physical book is large with plenty of space to write in myself for a bit of the whole point of Ono is that she wants you to be a co-creator. We write the book together.

Acorn is full of small 'instructions' or prompts, questions, suggestions on things to do, or dream. Yoko Ono has also illustrated it with a kind of pointillism drawings that are just beutiful.

     Cleaning Piece I

     Write down a sad memory,
     Put it in a box.
     Burn the box and sprinkle the ashes in the field.
     You may give some ashes      to a friend who shared the sadness.

  I think I got this in my hands exactly when I needed it most, a comforting voice, a challenge.