Expeditionen: Min kärlekshistoria

Expeditionen: Min kärlekshistoria - Bea Uusma

As the sub-title indicates, this is a book about Bea Uusmas passion for André expedition.

For 313 pages, and for 15 years she longed to go to White Island and to solve the mystery of the three polar explorers death. It is exciting and gripping, I can not drop the book even though I "should" read other books first.

I would just browse a bit and then I got stuck in the ice too. Here is so much of everything! The adventure, the joy and pride of doing something ' important ' . The foolhardyness of the expedition, to go out there without having tested everything 100 times, the naive faith in man's superiority all the elements and all the hungry polar bears. Despair over the cold, stomach pain, blisters on feet, disgusting meat powder, ice drifting faster than they can walk. Quarrels and tense moods and desperation. Homesickness and longing for love . A heart that eventually may find it's way.

It's a love story and a detective story. The book is full of pictures and lists and charts but most of all it is filled with passion!


I really hope this one will be translated to english so more people can read it.